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Looking for my idea match
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If you have a sense of humor and enjoy the comedy all around you... If you love to have fun, then you'll love me. I don't watch too much TV, but I will rent movies. I love music, all kinds, but most especially the blues because of the lyrics.I am a great cook esp healthful dishes, I love doing dishes. I appreciate it when people are nice and I like to return the favor. I am a patient lady and am very tolerant, do own suits. Name the activity or sport, I either do it or would love to learn. I am excellent at my work and I am often rewarded for it. I can be a hero and will be there if you need me. I can't say no. I just don't want to be taken advantage of. I love to cook memorable breakfasts including the perfect coffee to suit you tastes. I prefer variable sized paper towels and making my own cleaning products. I know how to unstring Christmas lights and stow them & how to tie a bowtie. I love to dance. I know how to give love and to receive love. I know how to keep a secret & I always vote. I know how to be selfless and sensitive. I take spiritual pilgrimages and enjoy the diversity of all religons. I am affectionate & confident. I am kind to old and young folks & I have rescued my share of stray kittens. I am outgoing & friendly and make fast friends wherever I go. I love to chat, but prefer dialogs over monologs. I am dynamic, but I hold fast to my core and go from there. I know how to make you laugh and I am mischievious. I am physically strong and devilish enough to make you blush. I would love to explore DC or Annapolis. I am just a lady, looking for a true man... I love to cook and prepare a special meal for that special someone... I don't mind cleaning up and will serve breakfast made to order... How do you like YOUR eggs? I like to garden and love to shop at farmer's markets or "Good Food" stores... Of course dancing or concerts are a BLAST, but I would like our time together to be a collaboration and see what synergy we can produce. I really am up for most anything once and if I like it twice. I like to travel and see new sites. Let's have fun...

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Age 39 years old 40 - 75 yrs old
Location Denver,Colorado,United States
Relationship status Single
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Nationality United States
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Religion Christian � Other
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What I'm looking for

A great communicator...not afraid to say what's on his mind, although in a tactful, polite way. Respectful, honest, goodlooking, willing to please (me, that is) ;o). Sweet & generous, good (meaning close) & healthy (meaning functional) relationship with her parents (research has shown that these gals treat their men better), all the while maintaining that feminine charm and strength! Believe it or not, I am not seeking perfection any more than I can supply it...but it does give us something to strive for, though, doesn't it? :-)
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